New animation Heart Tissue Bank

An animation video (in Dutch with Dutch subtitles) has just been released to explain the concept of the Heart Tissue Bank. Have a look and feel free to send it around!

The Heart Tissue Bank is a non-profit biobank that collects and stores biomaterial and clinical data of individuals with and without previously known cardiac diseases. All individuals aged ≥ 18 years that live in the Netherlands are eligible for inclusion as a potential future donor.  Researchers all over the world can use the stored heart tissue and related clinical data for their research.

For additional information & information on how to become a donor go to

The (future) work of the Heart Tissue Bank is not possible without donations. Would you like to make a financial contribution? Go to

We would like to thank you for your contribution on behalf of all researchers.

All recordings and articles below are in Dutch

Nieuws 2021

NTvG Jaargang 165 Nummer 8 26 februari 2021: De Nederlandse Hartenbank is gestart.

Klik hier om het artikel te lezen.

Nieuws 2020

AD 2 juni 2020: Eerste Nederlandse donorbank voor harten is geopend
Interview met Pieter Glijnis, voorzitter Stichting PLN

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